A good time was had by all. Especially me. I do love my little escapes to San Diego where there are Russian restaurants and IKEA and, sometimes, big family events. This was one of those times for all of the above. Here’s the album. I tend to feel something is lacking in my life if I cannot have an annual IKEA visit. But no meat balls Saturday (which we’re now told originated… Read More

Saturday morning. The annual pilgrimage up Black Mountain to prove I haven’t  yet reached that dreaded old-old category and, furthermore, do not intend to permit myself to be so labeled until I am 95. Black Mountain. My benchmark…totem…20-year-goalpost. Black Mountain, so not-Everest, so just right for me. (4.33 miles/16% incline)

Therefore to write about non-fiction things I must see them, do them, smell them, taste them, verify them…or at least have done so at some point in time. And I’m a travel blogger so I must experience a travel adventure, large or small, before posting about it. Good rules except for those lazy days out there in the world when you simply do nothing worthy of sharing. Like yesterday. Slept late, wrote… Read More

This is my first foray out into the wide world after returning in an exhausted skinny bronchial-plagued heap from India at the end of November 2017. The entire SE Asia/India adventure was stupendous (sorry for the superlative–they sound rather Sleazy-T like these days), one of my best journeys ever, but it was also about as demanding as little old ladies in tennis shoes can take on…  I hope switching to California, South… Read More

 California is a state of mind, especially mine on this trip. When I return home there is much work-work to do as well as my very large, largest, giantest, hugest ever new project (I rather like speaking Trumpian; it saves time trying to match adjective and noun and meaning). My California state-of-mind here and now is as follows; get up early (normal for me), write for awhile, read and nap a couple hours… Read More

“South of the 8,” a Ping Chong + Company Undesirable Elements production was performed at the LaJolla Playhouse Saturday night, and Scott, Sandra and I were there.  It was a special evening for me in a couple of ways. First of all, these productions dreamed up by Ping, Bruce, and Sara, the Ping Chong + Company long-time crew, are always moving, informing, and infused with humor and pathos. Each Undesirable Elements production… Read More

CALIFORNIA That time of year again. Birthday. Climb Black Mountain to prove I’m not old-old yet. Visit Nordstrom’s for new jeans. Walk on the beach. Take many photos of Watts Tower in LA for my book club buddies. Fly to Oakland. See granddaughter the engineer in her cozy apartment. Breathe the mostly non-swampy air of a Democratic coast. I do love it. California Dreamin’…the Okies and the Mamas and Papas had it right… Read More

Last day of my perfect San Diego holiday. You know how sometimes everything just works. The family, the place, the walks, the food. Also hadn’t realized how much I needed to be away from the ‘upstairs neighbors.’ A few nights of not angrily-falling-asleep and I feel like a new person. Hanging out with one-third of my spectacular family (photos of them and a few last happy California thoughts tomorrow when I’m back… Read More

Birthdays are for the strong. This morning, 7am, I was climbing Black Mountain in North San Diego County. Four hours up and down. Incline varied from 5-19%. Okay so it’s not Everest. High enough for government work as they say. I’m pretty old today…but not as old as I’ll be on my 80th birthday…or my 90th. I’m thinking about calling myself a crone. Just because I really feel like elderly and old-old… Read More

Time and Place is a travel blog so pictures of places—places I live, visit, used to live,  long to visit, used to visit, once visited—make acceptable albums..and Today’s Post. (This is my birthday and I climbed a mountain and have a new murder mystery and a pleasant Pino Grigio and my son is grilling lovely tasty things but more about all of that later.)