Well, yes, there are words. But if we’re talking nationally and, to some degree internationally, they are not pretty words. If we focus in on DC they’re the really bad words our mothers did not allow us to say. So instead of thinking about the negative stuff, let me close out my Time and Place blogging year with a few words about New Mexico and some family photos. I am happy to… Read More

Minnesota…to Vietnam Minnesota is fading quickly into the background as I immerse myself in preparing for Asia. Oh yeah and then there’s also work—long hours because of evenings managing the theatre for renters; preparing my apartment for a stay by the bro and Marsha while they search for their Albuquerque winter apartment, and the minutia of daily life such as putting gas in the car and doing the laundry and watering the… Read More

Sunday out at the “Old Place.” Our oldest (in both friendship and age time) friends and a walk in the woods. It’s the first time Michele has seen the kids’ Minnesota land; Steven’s is the eastern 40, Scott’s the western part where the broken house is returning to the land. THE FRIENDS The ever-amazing Helen Week, age 95, is the last of my folks’ generation. She still mows her lawn and bakes… Read More

Chapter Three My Mom’s South Dakota Granny Furiosa struggles to return to her [Minnesota—by way of South Dakota] homeland and escape the clutches of a ruthless [New Mexican] desert gang leader…  With the harsh desert sands [of Farmington] in front of them and marauders behind, only the maddest will prevail the storm. (IMDb/Mad Max: Fury Road) That was Saturday morning. By Monday, our fearless heroine and her loyal steed, Ghost, were leaving… Read More

 California is a state of mind, especially mine on this trip. When I return home there is much work-work to do as well as my very large, largest, giantest, hugest ever new project (I rather like speaking Trumpian; it saves time trying to match adjective and noun and meaning). My California state-of-mind here and now is as follows; get up early (normal for me), write for awhile, read and nap a couple hours… Read More

First Baking. One of those warm fuzzy family sort-of-traditions. WITH BACON. bacon-fat-gingersnaps-recipe-nyt-cooking THEN. THE 3 Fs. FOOD FAMILY FRIENDS or FAMILY FRIENDS FOOD? THE HOLIDAY ENDED WITH A MOVIE AND BRUNCH WITH ASHLEY AND STEVEN.

I took this extra day off to deal with re-entry into the real life of Albuquerque and a dusty apartment and a job and the sun. I am trying…or will be right after a nap. Teresa flew on to San Diego early this am and I’m gazing at the shambles of open suitcases, spent water bottles, and accumulated mail. Teresa and I returned last night from four weeks of perfect travel time—almost… Read More

Time and Place is a travel blog so pictures of places—places I live, visit, used to live,  long to visit, used to visit, once visited—make acceptable albums..and Today’s Post. (This is my birthday and I climbed a mountain and have a new murder mystery and a pleasant Pino Grigio and my son is grilling lovely tasty things but more about all of that later.)

Merry and bright takes a bit of extra effort with a Very Bad Cold but it’s somewhat possible…especially if the weather is my favorite kind of clouds and rain and fog and warmth…week-long Christmas heat wave. Time with Robert and Marsha has become treasured over the years…who knew when we were younger and spent much of our time together arguing this would turn out to be true. Okay…holidays are over. New Year’s… Read More

I have a small family. One brother, about eight living first cousins, two children, four grandchildren. The older generations all Euro-American, working/lower middle class, moderately hard-working, usually law-abiding, decently-educated and slightly-boring people.  We actually perk up considerably at the grandchildren level—more interesting occupations, educations, ethnicities, cultures, interests, residences. Here’s a small album of some of Cousin Audrey’s family, daughter, granddaughter, great-grandchildren. This really belongs on my other blog but they’re all so photogenic… Read More