This is my first foray out into the wide world after returning in an exhausted skinny bronchial-plagued heap from India at the end of November 2017. The entire SE Asia/India adventure was stupendous (sorry for the superlative–they sound rather Sleazy-T like these days), one of my best journeys ever, but it was also about as demanding as little old ladies in tennis shoes can take on…  I hope switching to California, South… Read More

City life after all the space and peace and green and blue of the Northlands. I already miss it. But we love this too. It has been a long travel day from dropping off the rental car at the Stavanger Airport and on to Heathrow then into the City on the Underground and a short walk to our tiny but delightful-in-its-own-slightly-scruffy-way studio room/apartment. Teresa just went out for a run which the… Read More