Made it. Hike. Didn’t Die. Borscht. Now real life can begin again…and, darn, it turns out NOT to be all about me. However holiday actually does continue just a few more days and, next up, two of my favorite subjects, Jordan and the beach.

So nice after many years to catch up with presenter friend Jordan. Also known as Travel Friend Jordan. We met at conferences and festivals over the years when we were both dance presenters so  it was great fun to hear what colleagues with whom I’m no longer in touch are doing now. And also to share the odd and interesting details of our lives since our last conversations lo those many years ago. HOWEVER the best was…the travel talk AND the discovery I’m only a few countries behind Jordan who has actually traveled more than any other human being I personally know. One hundred and thirteen countries, most actual visits of at least a few days. Pretty impressive. Although. I. Am. Going. To. Catch. Up. (At 108…I’m close!)

Jordan and I have travel history beyond those work meetings though. While at a festival/workshop in southern Poland Jordan rented a car for a drive into Slovakia…and there I was, jumping up and down and saying ‘take me, take me.’ He did and the rest is history, the history of how I get to check off Slovakia as ‘visited’ and how we established some minimum requirements for ‘visiting’ (Everyone agrees airports do not count). Here are the basics that must be included for that coveted check mark: a meal, a visit to the loo, a walk-down at least one street/road/path, and, usually, a stamp in one’s passport (although there are exceptions to this rule). So, although I can’t quite remember what we ate or the condition of the restrooms, and I think the walk was only to a souvenir shop, it is a done deal…I’ve been to Slovakia. Thanks Jordan.

Coffee morning with Jordan followed by afternoon Coronado Island beach walk (five miles!) with Scott. Pretty much one of those just-right days.


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