Saturday morning. The annual pilgrimage up Black Mountain to prove I haven’t  yet reached that dreaded old-old category and, furthermore, do not intend to permit myself to be so labeled until I am 95. Black Mountain. My benchmark…totem…20-year-goalpost. Black Mountain, so not-Everest, so just right for me. (4.33 miles/16% incline)

3 Comments on “BLACK MOUNTAIN 2018. CHECK.

  1. OK, Marj, now you have done it! This proves you actually can do some of our more “moderate” hikes! You are definitely NOT off the hook on this! Glad you are having a wonderful time.

  2. I just watched the movie “Nostalgia”. I can’t get over how much you look like Ellen Burstyn. Try to watch it if you can.

  3. I fully expect to see you doing the same thing when you are 95. Not me….I will be someplace in northern Italy up a hill overlooking a vineyard and drinking a little too much wine and loving it. There is something about reaching a crest and sitting down and looking out. There was such a very special view on the road from Santa Fe to Taos, the High Road, that I stopped at. It was the kind of place you want to sit on a bench (there was none) and drink some coffee (there was none) and just savor in the view…

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