My thoughtful family gave me a perfect birthday; truly a day to remember. I only had three objectives: Climb Black Mountain; Do not drop dead at the actual anniversary moment of my birth; and Eat Russian food. They were all met with only a little effort on my part and lots of family love and humor. I promise…once this photo album is posted, there’ll only be one or two more posts about me and then we’ll move on to the Bay Area and granddaughter-land. So here’s the day in all its celebratory splendor.

My reserved and serious sons the night before The Day.

One of those days of a millions photo ops…so for starters just the Black Mountain Challenge. In my honest moments I do share that Black Mountain isn’t exactly Everest and it’s definitely not comparable to climbing the Sandias to the Crest. Still. It feels good to do every birthday and it’s small enough so I can manage the climb a few more years. Hopefully.

I do have the Best Sons. Honestly. New Mexico Steven flew out, joining California Scott, to do a Victory Climb up Black Mountain. The victory being…living this long I suppose. Being smart enough to join the Pres Healthplex gym quite a long time ago (Truthfully the Healthplex gets a whole lot of the credit for this climb). Eating fewer doughnuts and more vegetables (well not that many more vegetables…but I’m working on it).





  1. What’s to say, except Happy Birthday. and Happy Happy Birthday. I celebrate your birth as well because I met you many years ago in a land far far away, Hilton Land. Think how different my life would be….I first of all would have committed suicide doing the night audit at that place…you saved me front that fate, so that sure is cause to celebrate your birthday. and we will celebrate it again in Delaware.

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