My grandson Steven and Ashley, his best buddy and true love of several years, were married on June 6th in front of San Diego’s City Hall. The event was followed by a scrumptious family dinner at the bride’s parents’ home and a most lavish and lively reception for the rest of the world the following day. There…you have the outline of two beautifully significant days in the history of the Yang-Halsey and… Read More

The nice thing about little out of the way hotels is that they have few high-tech controls on anything. So my room can be turned on freezing at night and a heavy blanket goes on …and instantly warmed with almost-liquid tropical air by the time my morning instant Folgers is ready—even I could decipher the sign of the thermometer and the little off-on button above it. My perfect environment then—Minnesota winter night… Read More

5:30 AM in Singapore. 3:30 PM in Albuquerque. And a day later here. Right? Thought my travels had made me very savvy about time zones and currency. Instead this crossing of the International Date Line has completely confused me…However, I’ve made it through my first day and night in Singapore so feel quite on track with art and walking and the very nice coffee/breakfast in the Raffles Hotel. Will have a Singapore… Read More