It was Monday morning and there I was…still in holiday mode. Teresa went off to work and I sat around  blogging with a whole slothful day ahead. I stayed an extra day in order to go a reading in San Francisco; my UCLA writing adviser has a new book and perhaps hearing her talk about it would inspire me to write more/better/brilliantly…or at the very least simply to put words on paper/feed… Read More

This will only be peripherally a travel post—it’s really about friends and family. However, since ‘who doesn’t love Bay Area’, and it all happened there—it’s a travel post. Three or so weeks ago I went to Oakland to visit granddaughter Teresa and revisit Old Friend[s] Paul Simon. AND to spend a most lovely day with some of my Norwegian cousins visiting from Kristiansand. May I just say that they are an exceptionally… Read More

SO EASY TO LEAVE ONE’S HEART IN SAN FRANCISO.  But it was that beautiful cut of clouds I could always see Above the little S.P. alley, puffs floating by from Oakland Or the Gate of Marin to the north or San Jose south, The clarity of Cal to break your heart. It was the fantastic drowse and drum hum of lum mum afternoon Nathin’ to do, Ole Frisco with the end of land… Read More