It was Monday morning and there I was…still in holiday mode. Teresa went off to work and I sat around  blogging with a whole slothful day ahead. I stayed an extra day in order to go a reading in San Francisco; my UCLA writing adviser has a new book and perhaps hearing her talk about it would inspire me to write more/better/brilliantly…or at the very least simply to put words on paper/feed words into Surfy.

But back to April 3rd when the still ‘all about me’ phase of the week hadn’t quite run its course.

Do love that Pomegranate restaurant.

This says in Russian “Sorry about that election guys. We admit we went too far but how could we have known the full extent to which that fine English word ‘sleaze’ could be taken. Granted we understand brutality and stuff…but we definitely underestimated the tawdry ickiness of our boy Donnie.” Okay…so I have no idea what this says but it could say……

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