My grandson Steven and Ashley, his best buddy and true love of several years, were married on June 6th in front of San Diego’s City Hall. The event was followed by a scrumptious family dinner at the bride’s parents’ home and a most lavish and lively reception for the rest of the world the following day. There…you have the outline of two beautifully significant days in the history of the Yang-Halsey and Klotzback (Magalong and Neset) families. The first of my grandchildren to be married. And, while I’m not a totally-convinced fan of the ‘institution’ of marriage, as I watched these two bright and bold, loyal and joyful young people enter its precincts…I admit to being both thrilled and moved.

There’s another reason for my excitement and pride: this union really does represent the world the way it should be. Steven and Ashley bring together the Middle East, Asia, and Europe in love and respect and dancing and seriously good food. Then as we add extended family and friends the rest of the world joins in the party…Africa, Latin America, Native America. And the frosting is surely the large representation of strong independent women (starting in no small way with the bride!), and our extended family of differing abilities and diverse sexual orientations. We are multi-everything.

Here’s the story starting when the father of the groom picks me up at the airport and we share a fish taco at Mitch’s on the waterfront.

Next morning. Picture-taking time AND THE CEREMONY.


September 7, 2019: And we gather for the Party.

Time to PARTY.

The Party’s over … but a good time was had by all …

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