It was Monday morning and there I was…still in holiday mode. Teresa went off to work and I sat around  blogging with a whole slothful day ahead. I stayed an extra day in order to go a reading in San Francisco; my UCLA writing adviser has a new book and perhaps hearing her talk about it would inspire me to write more/better/brilliantly…or at the very least simply to put words on paper/feed… Read More

What percentage of Americans have contact or interactions with family members abroad or across a border or perhaps an island or two away? The numbers are large I think, depending on culture and country of origin. In Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Philippines or Iraq there are a whole lot of families with parents, children, siblings and cousins in America with whom they are in touch on a regular basis—their cultures of origin… Read More

CAN I COME HOME NOW? 4,046 MILES IS ENOUGH! Here I am in one of the most beautiful places in the world—the Bitterroot Valley—and I just want to come home. Because* *These driving days seem to be getting longer—road work season is upon us/the gas stations all have the same junk food/there are no Starbucks between Sioux Falls and Missoula [and no…there is no good coffee on the road…do not believe for… Read More