First apartments of our very own are when we find out who we really are…at least I believe that’s true for girls. Too many of us, at least of my generation, didn’t discover our personal rhythms of life until we were divorced! Much better to do it early in life and then compromise (some) when life partners enter the picture. That’s where Teresa is in her life. Out of mom and dad’s… Read More

I love LA; I know I’m not supposed to…but it is our dream-world isn’t it? Where movies come from and who doesn’t love movies? Keep going past Watts and you get to downtown, the downtown of office workers and banks and museums. We eat: We do art: I am sad to say I can’t remember visiting MOCA before. But I will again. The featured exhibit was a 35-year retrospective of Kerry James… Read More

About that California State of Mind and about its counterpoint, melancholy. I visit it in California also. Now and then, when there’s a lot of ‘future’ in a place or a day or even a conversation, I’m reminded that I do not have that luxury called future—that time-ahead. Oh of course there’s some—and I’m eagerly planning it—but…well…there is an obvious sell-by date attached to any and all dreams of 78-year-olds! Yesterday, young… Read More

 California is a state of mind, especially mine on this trip. When I return home there is much work-work to do as well as my very large, largest, giantest, hugest ever new project (I rather like speaking Trumpian; it saves time trying to match adjective and noun and meaning). My California state-of-mind here and now is as follows; get up early (normal for me), write for awhile, read and nap a couple hours… Read More

CALIFORNIA That time of year again. Birthday. Climb Black Mountain to prove I’m not old-old yet. Visit Nordstrom’s for new jeans. Walk on the beach. Take many photos of Watts Tower in LA for my book club buddies. Fly to Oakland. See granddaughter the engineer in her cozy apartment. Breathe the mostly non-swampy air of a Democratic coast. I do love it. California Dreamin’…the Okies and the Mamas and Papas had it right… Read More

First Baking. One of those warm fuzzy family sort-of-traditions. WITH BACON. bacon-fat-gingersnaps-recipe-nyt-cooking THEN. THE 3 Fs. FOOD FAMILY FRIENDS or FAMILY FRIENDS FOOD? THE HOLIDAY ENDED WITH A MOVIE AND BRUNCH WITH ASHLEY AND STEVEN.

THE FREE STATE OF CALIFORNIA…where Progressives roam wild; beaches are right next door (soon to be in the back yard but oh well…); Hollywood is just up the road; California Cuisine originated here (which includes kale but I’m overlooking that small flaw), and its people are profoundly beautifully diverse.

Last day of my perfect San Diego holiday. You know how sometimes everything just works. The family, the place, the walks, the food. Also hadn’t realized how much I needed to be away from the ‘upstairs neighbors.’ A few nights of not angrily-falling-asleep and I feel like a new person. Hanging out with one-third of my spectacular family (photos of them and a few last happy California thoughts tomorrow when I’m back… Read More

Facing west from California’s shores, Inquiring, tireless, seeking what is yet unfound, I, a child, very old, over the waves, towards the house of maternity, The land of migrations, look afar, Look off the shores of my Western sea, the circle almost circles; For starting westward from Hindustan, from the vales of Kashmere, From Asia, from the north, from the God, the sage, and the hero, From the south, from the flowery… Read More