I drove through Del Rio on my recent Texas trip to San Antonio and Austin so had a few hundred miles of fairly deserted desert/prairie/hills to contemplate the reality of being a refugee…I didn’t see the Del Rio bridge under which a few thousand Haitian climate refugees were sheltering but they were very much on my mind. The UN Refugee Agency estimates there are 82.4 million people forcibly displaced worldwide at the… Read More

After some days of being ensconced in the cozy care of my San Diego family, it was north by Southwest to San Leandro where the working masses move when unable to afford San Francisco, or after they’ve been mugged in Oakland…but still love Bay Area salaries and lifestyles. My granddaughter, Lace the Engineer (first engineer in the family…and a female besides…so I mention it whenever the opportunity presents), lives there, sharing digs… Read More

It is dark dawn at this moment in Wellington and here in what back-in-the-day would have been called a ‘boarding house’ most people are still asleep—only one young Italian woman busily tapping away at her lap top in the kitchen, and me tiptoeing around with a flashlight so I won’t wake Teresa I realize this is one of the things I actually like best about travel—the scoping out of and adaptation to… Read More

(This set of posts comprise an addendum for Time and Place 2015-16, accounting for previous travels and events.)  My grandchildren have already guessed that grandma is not leaving them a huge fortune or even a tiny fortune, just a lot of books, the 100 year old couch and travel memories. ‘Oh well,’ they say, ‘a fortune would have come in handy but we love you anyway Gma.’ At least I’m remembering that’s what… Read More

Granddaughters are the Best. (Well, Grandsons too but I only have one and he’s in California.) Eleven days between today and The Trip. Between Last Sunday and That Sunday (August 2nd) there were 10 morning walks and six trips to the gym to get in my version of ‘shape.’  Today there are only 13 of the 16 required activity events to go.  Here’s Monday morning’s 5:30am walk with PATRICA, the granddaughter who accompanies me… Read More