After some days of being ensconced in the cozy care of my San Diego family, it was north by Southwest to San Leandro where the working masses move when unable to afford San Francisco, or after they’ve been mugged in Oakland…but still love Bay Area salaries and lifestyles. My granddaughter, Lace the Engineer (first engineer in the family…and a female besides…so I mention it whenever the opportunity presents), lives there, sharing digs… Read More

Of course Oslo, the capital of Norway and its largest city, is not perfect. No place of human habitation could be—humans being the most imperfect of all things alive. Oslo may be as close to perfect, in terms of livability, as an urban conglomerate can come however. I’ve spent a few days here and there around the city over the years and I choose to declare it perfect…with a few exceptions. Oslo… Read More

Am I a short-timer now? One more big – and important – week in Norway – at Neset Camping – a short stayover in Oslo, a day in NYC, and home. But this moment is still Kristiansand. It’s been a completely enjoyable few days with my gracious family hosts and that brilliant road trip. In between there was some art that I found most interesting so thought I’d share a few photos… Read More

In February I went out to visit granddaughter Teresa and she kindly accompanied me on a walk through my Mission past. Stopping first for Vietnamese. We started on Shotwell and 17th where I presented dance artists in the New Performance Gallery (now the ODC Theater). I wasn’t very successful. In fact the only time one of the international companies I so proudly brought to the Bay Area was reviewed by the important critic… Read More

SO EASY TO LEAVE ONE’S HEART IN SAN FRANCISO.  But it was that beautiful cut of clouds I could always see Above the little S.P. alley, puffs floating by from Oakland Or the Gate of Marin to the north or San Jose south, The clarity of Cal to break your heart. It was the fantastic drowse and drum hum of lum mum afternoon Nathin’ to do, Ole Frisco with the end of land… Read More

CNN’s special, San Francisco Shaken, is on. Reminds me… I had just moved to the San Francisco a couple of weeks earlier. Working at New Performance Gallery for Margy Jenkins and Brenda Way. A new apartment in the heart of the Mission. Life was exciting. A challenge. Every morning I woke up knowing I wasn’t in Kansas Anymore. Especially after the big one hit. Later I wrote a story. The OLD New… Read More