And it was not the finest of days…starting with a stomach ache (OMG, didn’t I read somewhere that one of the symptoms…); middle-of-the-night reading a history of pandemics; listless…but I wrote (badly); cranky but no one to snap at or complain to…  Okay, all that’s out of my system. Here’s the good stuff, three minute plank, almost-four mile walk, google hangout with Steve and Ashley, the amazing California grandchildren (Steven has a… Read More

Terri’s been a horsewoman her whole life, roping and barrel racing and like events on quarter horses and now trail riding with Dandy, her Tennessee Walker, a most gorgeous animal. Her grandchildren are eager to hang out and become the next generation of riders. It’s encouraging to see kids and horses so happy with each other. Photos aren’t great but they’ll do what photos do best…take one back to a moment in… Read More

I’m awarding myself a year of travel for living so long. A year of travel interspersed with work and probably a new apartment. A year helped along by a family that gives me plane tickets for Christmas and a job that allows me to earn comp time toward extended leave. When you wake up one morning no longer able to escape the finiteness of your remaining years of life, it’s time for… Read More

What better way to end the holidays than with those wild California kids. They made the Thanksgiving holiday so much fun, so full of pleasure and joy. Today it’s a rainy (seventeen snowflakes around noon) wintery day; Friday actual snow is projected but this is Albuquerque so what are the odds! Enjoy….