I’ve saved the pleasure of writing about Norwegian friends and relatives as the wrap-up posts for this summer’s journey. Greenland was life-changing and London was brilliant but Norway, well maybe I can say Norway is where my heart resides, at least the portions that don’t hang out in Minnesota or roam about to the many places I love all over the world. With each visit to Norway, I feel closer to my… Read More

In February I went out to visit granddaughter Teresa and she kindly accompanied me on a walk through my Mission past. Stopping first for Vietnamese. We started on Shotwell and 17th where I presented dance artists in the New Performance Gallery (now the ODC Theater). I wasn’t very successful. In fact the only time one of the international companies I so proudly brought to the Bay Area was reviewed by the important critic… Read More

NOTES: I did NOT like the book by Podell. And did not finish it. He’s sort of a guys’ guy, not my type. Don’t want to travel with him but this post from 2015 is okay so it can stay. (December 29, 2016)  The  first review is followed by a very long post comprised of a number of  book reviews and copied here to show how closely books and travel are connected… Read More