Am I a short-timer now? One more big – and important – week in Norway – at Neset Camping – a short stayover in Oslo, a day in NYC, and home. But this moment is still Kristiansand. It’s been a completely enjoyable few days with my gracious family hosts and that brilliant road trip. In between there was some art that I found most interesting so thought I’d share a few photos as a farewell to Kristiansand.

The excellent and welcoming Sørlandets Museum of Art has an exhibit with which I quite fell in love: Between the Trees. I’ll try to get the names right with my favorite pieces but you can also go to

So…who knew? The University of Agder here in Kristiansand has the largest Beat-Art collection in the world. Bigger than San Francisco’s. My cousins found this out when visiting The Beat Art Museum in San Francisco ( which they had assumed would have the most substantial collection. Turns out it was right here where Tone works at the University of Agder.

Of course I visited and collected more photos. For more info go to

All of the information about this collection and the beat artists is available on line so I didn’t try to document each photo. Just wanted to share the knowledge that these collections exist and are pretty spectacular…maybe particularly for those of us who only know the Beats as poets and writers.

Some of the names are below. Also the University of Agder has published a beautiful book about this collection. Unfortunately it is both heavy and expensive so won’t be coming home with me.


  1. It is difficult to be a person stuck in early 20th century….1920’s, 1930’s, 1940’s….because I just don’t get a buzz from most modern art…or what I call modern art, beat art. That doesn’t mean I won’t go see it…just that I don’t understand it….because I am stuck in a time frame that I like and feel very comfortable in. Old fart’s disease, is it? Anyway, I would go see this art…interesting.

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