I’m traveling on a different kind of quest this summer. To Norway to find…me? India and Greenland were physical challenges. Russia and South Africa literary, historical, and artistic adventures. Vietnam last year and Norway this year feel more like major life searches. In the case of Vietnam to see with my own eyes (and to offer mostly unspoken apologies) a place we Americans nearly destroyed in the name of false pride. In… Read More

On my first visit to Norway in 1985, I met Gurine, Arne and Knut’s sister. She was the widow of Professor (I hope that’s correct?) Tallak Froysnes, living in a pleasant bookish home in Kristiansand. I liked her so much, feeling an almost instant camaraderie in fact. I think she may have felt something of the same because we agreed that if we only lived a little closer to each other than… Read More

This post was intended to include a photo album of my time in both Kristiansand and Stavanger. Too many photos I cannot resist including so this is from Kristiansand, Stavanger to follow.  Morning I was going to be clever and call this post ‘The Thrill of the Road’ while actually describing a day of reviewing the budget, sink-washing the undies, eating the bread and brown cheese I’ve squirreled away from breakfast. However… Read More