The Road Warriors have completed the journey north and are happily ensconced in a friendly forest refuge near the banks of the Mississippi. There truly is nothing as fine as being in the north woods at the very beginning of autumn. The air is bright and clear and healthy, the leaves are taking on that first tinge of gold accompanied by a red-leaved cold-weather forecast from the sumac scattered throughout the birch,… Read More

I took this extra day off to deal with re-entry into the real life of Albuquerque and a dusty apartment and a job and the sun. I am trying…or will be right after a nap. Teresa flew on to San Diego early this am and I’m gazing at the shambles of open suitcases, spent water bottles, and accumulated mail. Teresa and I returned last night from four weeks of perfect travel time—almost… Read More

I began preparing for the first of two consequential 2016 trips this morning. I used ‘big’ for the 2015 adventure—time to expand my vocabulary—’consequential,’ meaning trips lasting over two weeks. The reason I am preparing for May 2016 is because I did not feel immediately perfect upon getting up at 7am and because it made me tired to walk 1 1/2 hours. This is the last slow weekend before writing classes start… Read More

I will return with travel photo blogs from Seoul since Google-censorship is only partially get-aroundable in Beijing. And yes, censorship does suck. I cannot declare the journey quite over because it is afternoon in my hutong hotel in Beijing, China—which is still a long way from Albuquerque, USA. However…wherever that pesky travel bug resides in my body, it has definitely been anesthetized for the time being…whatever it needed me to use to… Read More

Night rains makes every sight more vivid, sound carry farther and even the bosque rabbit comes out.

I always think part of my reason for needing to GO PLACES is my (humankind’s) existential search for water/moisture/rain/lakes/oceans/streams. This summer it seems to be raining in Albuquerque so why leave? But there are these big plans and train tickets and plane tickets and that amazing new backpack so guess I’ll go anyway. Meanwhile I’m very busy with the North Fourth ‘newsletter of a thousand pictures’ so there is no time to write profound things…. Read More

Timbuktu might be the best movie I’ve seen in a long while. It was one of the five 2015 foreign film nominees, the only African film, and the only film in which, it turns out, I actually know one of the actors— Kettly Noël, the brave funny mad woman. I know Kettly from the contemporary dance-theater world where she is also a star. She directs dance festivals and programs in Bamako, creates and… Read More

Albuquerque was covered in snow yesterday morning. It was quite lovely actually. Magical. Okay okay I know you back-easters and up-northers have no reason to feel this way but do grant me a weather-moment now and then. It happens so seldom. So normally I would write posts about weather and clothes shopping at TODAY X 365. However this is really all about the Big 2015 Trip so travel blog it is. I… Read More

Snow on the ground this morning. Not a lot…well a lot for Albuquerque. Perhaps one/one-zillionth of an inch. I came to work very early to respond to phone calls asking if we are open today! A sense of confusion uncertainty wonderment anxiety overwhelms the city when the ground isn’t its normal dusty brown. Yes. We. Are. Open. I say to the callers. Which reminds me of what I want to say. I… Read More

SCOTT & STEVE AND BEST FRIENDS…WHAT YEAR? Oh the weather outside is ….sunny, not too cold, ordinary….it’s Albuquerque. It is Sunday evening, December 21, 2014 and an official (not really) blog holiday. I am taking a blogging, poetry, agonizing-about-book-writing, planning-how-to-be-perfect-in-2015 holiday until December 28th. A week to write when I’m not distracted, watch mysteries on Netflix, cook Christmas eve supper for the family, begin my Oscar movie watching, open my presents (why… Read More