2019…The Very Good Year

January 2, 2019

Planners/Thinkers/Writers/Doers Block. Not a particularly propitious way to begin a new year. Especially since I’m taking time off this week to enthusiastically launch all of the above. New Year’s Day was special admittedly—a near-blizzard snow day in Albuquerque warrants continuing my Un village français binge...but how to leave a story with only four episodes to go…impossible. I’ve lived in this WWII-era, Nazi-occupied French village off and on for the entire holiday season and it is surely time to return to Trump-occupied America and contemplate lessons learned from the French Resistance. Right after I finish these last four episodes.

The first 2019 ultimatum. If, Marjorie, you do not become productive as a planner-thinker-writer-doer by evening you must cut this vaca-time off and go to work tomorrow morning. How’s that for a threat?

New Year’s is every introverted list-maker’s favorite holiday. A whole evening and day that can legitimately be devoted to the solitary pastime of planning exactly how one will become a better person in a brand-new year.

Here are my several longish lists condensed into a longish sentence: I will spend 2019, a landmark year of the two-edged variety, not being anxious or melancholy but rather I will write, read, travel, photograph, and exercise a lot—and always eat healthfully—and never indulge my obsession for multiple-season TV series of the historical or murder-mystery genre.

Here’s to 2019—a very good year.

2 Comments on “2019…The Very Good Year

  1. Resolution time….or not. only two: be kinder and more understanding and make my bucket list…short of course as I am an old person….Happy New Year see you in October

  2. Happy New Year Marj and good to hear from you….! I see you are watching the French TV series “Un Village Francais” that I used to watch on the French TV channel TV5 Monde a few years ago, and hope you like it as it also tells you a lot how the French people behaved during the Nazi occupation of half of France in the early 40’s during the 2nd World! It was captivating for me and Vernon but now it is also back to work here in NYC with the APAP conference starting as early as this Friday January 4th, awful!! Precisely after a great week-end spent in Madrid during Dec. 28-30 to see Cie Herve KOUBI perform “The Barbarian Nights or The First Dawns of the World” at Teatro del Canales as part of the annual Madrid en Danza Festival and spend some time with Agnes Blot who loves the company and had arranged the engagement…..Warm greetings from a not too cold New York City !

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