Is there anybody doesn’t love a snow day? All of our lives don’t we long for that magical moment when we were/are told the weather was/is too bad to go to school…or work…or the store even. Snow days are different than sick days or vacation days or holidays. Snow days are bonuses. In fact yesterday, when I informed our employees that we were closing today because of blizzard warnings, the exclamations of… Read More

Albuquerque was covered in snow yesterday morning. It was quite lovely actually. Magical. Okay okay I know you back-easters and up-northers have no reason to feel this way but do grant me a weather-moment now and then. It happens so seldom. So normally I would write posts about weather and clothes shopping at TODAY X 365. However this is really all about the Big 2015 Trip so travel blog it is. I… Read More

Snow on the ground this morning. Not a lot…well a lot for Albuquerque. Perhaps one/one-zillionth of an inch. I came to work very early to respond to phone calls asking if we are open today! A sense of confusion uncertainty wonderment anxiety overwhelms the city when the ground isn’t its normal dusty brown. Yes. We. Are. Open. I say to the callers. Which reminds me of what I want to say. I… Read More