It has been nearly a month since I left Norway. It’s been a difficult adjustment in some ways. Not because I’m on death’s door like returning from India but because I do love Norway and there won’t be so very many more visits to what feels like my ‘homeland.’ And returning to US politics is like falling falling falling into an honest-to-god cesspool. There’s no sign of the swamp Sleazy T. wanted to drain…swamps are lovely places with soft green moss everywhere, speckled with tiny pools of rich tiny living things, prettied up with delicate pink and white lady’s slippers, and there’s a kind of healing hush the deeper you go. What we have instead is an authentic Trumpian cesspool…with him at the center making a nasty sucking sound that pulls everything he touches into his shit.

Well, that’s not quite what I meant to say but it is hard not to be angry every waking moment. Stop that Marjorie…. Anyway, I’m home and in many ways it’s good. It was nice to be back in my own comfortable apartment, to re-discipline myself for work and the gym, and to be around family and friends. I missed the worst heat of an Albuquerque summer and now it’s quite lovely, if a little too sunny for my taste.

I’m going to walk the 10K race in the Duke City Marathon tomorrow (I think). Wish me luck. Should give me so so many tree photos to share!



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  1. I have an idea. Move to Norway and get citizenship and sponsor some of your friends to move there

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