I wish I could/would have begun these big fat six-week trips earlier in life. Sometimes focusing on a world ‘neighborhood’ of multiple countries, sometimes one country in greater depth…like I’m doing these last years. Not that I regret the many dance festival jaunts or art/dance focused meetings, conferences, gatherings, viewings in so many intriguing locations all around the world. Grants often covered much of the cost, I was usually surrounded by lively… Read More

Morning: Weather request answered: chill, gray, rain all day it says. Rain clothes today in Copenhagen—that jolly old girl by the sea—and the sea is where we’ll go today I think. Although it’s only 6am so who can tell if our art and history explorations out on the ‘Danish Riveria’ will be this appealing by 9am when we must train out into the countryside. The idea is that we’ll view the work of… Read More

Now the AirBnB with a Big Foot upstairs…yeah, it’s me again with an ‘upstairs neighbor’ but I’m jumping ahead when I really only want to acknowledge a minor miracle before this travel tale moves on…American Airlines and a pleasant flight over, Albuquerque to Dallas to London to Copenhagen, hear that… pleasant flights…starting with going through airport security early, no lines, the wine and lunch with our travel-obsessed server (she claims to have been… Read More

Pitiful little picture album instead of the terrific post I would write if I weren’t completely wiped out… The story so far: