I have these photos…fall, winter 2020. Not great photos or particularly meaningful photos…but they capture ordinary moments of a not-at-all ordinary year. So for posterity:

So many choices for Christmas trees in our Minnesota woods. We always celebrated on Christmas Eve when I was a kid. Mom made lefse and we put up the tree…cut that very day in our woods. We had ham with pineapple and sausages and sweet potatoes on top for supper. Then Mom read the story of the baby in the manger from the bible and we opened presents. When I was very… Read More

Merry and bright takes a bit of extra effort with a Very Bad Cold but it’s somewhat possible…especially if the weather is my favorite kind of clouds and rain and fog and warmth…week-long Christmas heat wave. Time with Robert and Marsha has become treasured over the years…who knew when we were younger and spent much of our time together arguing this would turn out to be true. Okay…holidays are over. New Year’s… Read More

SCOTT & STEVE AND BEST FRIENDS…WHAT YEAR? Oh the weather outside is ….sunny, not too cold, ordinary….it’s Albuquerque. It is Sunday evening, December 21, 2014 and an official (not really) blog holiday. I am taking a blogging, poetry, agonizing-about-book-writing, planning-how-to-be-perfect-in-2015 holiday until December 28th. A week to write when I’m not distracted, watch mysteries on Netflix, cook Christmas eve supper for the family, begin my Oscar movie watching, open my presents (why… Read More