I did it…No, not the 26 mile long real marathon…but close. The 10K walk. Close enough. I’m even a little bit proud of the results. Out of 95 10K walkers I was 62…and only two people were older than me and they both were faster…two old guys…I may have to have them disappeared before next year. Come to think of it, at our age we really don’t need much assistance to ‘disappear.’

It was the Duke City Marathon and it was almost fun. Each year I vow to do the walk at my own pace, not caring at all how long it takes, simply enjoying a beautiful fall day. Then we start off and, while I don’t mind quite a few people passing me, I realize it is important to me that not everyone does. So I forget about taking photos of the gorgeousness of fall in the bosque or peeing or drinking very much and I just plod determinedly ahead. Still, in spite of that usually buried streak of competitiveness showing itself, the walk was right there on the edge of being fun.

I’ll go back for a river walk next week and capture the perfect beauty of the Rio Grande in autumn.


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