Two weeks to get in shape for The Journey. I may have set six month, three month, one month deadlines for launching a plan to become super-healthy before I travel. Okay, so they didn’t work out. Think what I can do in two weeks however. Fourteen days. Six visits to gym for abs class and at least half an hour on the machines. Ten morning walks, one to 1 ½ hours each…. Read More

Saturday. Sometimes the trip coming up just scares me. Not places or people or missed connections or expense or cold or heat. It is all about me and my vulnerabilities. This blog, as you already know is called Time & Place for several reasons. Among them my love for history and geography but also, increasingly, my forced fascination with aging, the latter inspiring my travel trepidation. It’s that I’m not young and… Read More

The Time is July 5th, 2015, still morning. My Place is Albuquerque, New Mexico. Just a little while ago it was dawn down by the Rio Grande. Quiet. Absolutely quiet. Only saw two people and one rabbit and heard a few sleepy birds. Soon the sun came to bother me but it was still a little cool and smelled of green, unusual for New Mexico. So for awhile I ignored thoughts of the… Read More

Green didn’t overwhelm me with its Greenness on Saturday’s tour of family graves. I wondered if imagination increases its intensity just as distance makes the heart grow fonder. Because I remember June Green as being of a depth and breadth that overwhelmed all else in the natural world. Like wearing glasses with green lenses; all light bulbs being colored green; the sun shining green; the world as a bowl of greens;  Crayola… Read More

To travel widely is to feel at home in the world—at least this is the effect travel is having on me. Growing up in an isolated cabin in the snows of Minnesota apparently instilled in me a deep desire to connect with the rest of the world—to areas as different from Koochiching County as possible such as the African continent—and to places quite similar such as  Norway and my heritage—then on to… Read More