So soon. The routine. Did that other thing really happen? Did I really do that? Go around the world. Was it a long time ago? No? A few days ago you say…I’m already forgetting. I did. Go around the world. It was—in today’s vernacular—awesome. Actually it was just plain awesome. But when I started to catch up on diary entries for those days and weeks away they had already slipped into past tense,… Read More

This was written a few days ago now, between Ulan Bator and Beijing. It’s another train story…and truly I do so love these long distance trains. One emerges a bit grumpy and grubby and banged around and exhausted and ever so pleased with oneself. Why is that? I LOVE THESE SNAKY BUMPY CREATURES.  Another day another train another moment of gazing at world going by outside my window and being very very… Read More

Absolutely last album from Mongolia—an other-worldly place I should write a thoughtful piece about—the land, the experience, the issue of culture-clash that can happen with the best of intentions. I should write about my visit and “The Eagle Huntress.” Maybe I will at the end of my posts for 2015 and 2016.

Some extra photos of this strange out-of-the-way land. More horses and a trip to a monastery.

I was writing this on the last days in Mongolia. At the time I was somewhat stressed by an unfortunate disconnect with my guide which slightly colored the time in this incredible land. It was a bit of a love-hate relationship there for awhile. Now with that adventure less than a week past I’m already looking at my time in Mongolia as very special. So given this delay in posting I have… Read More

SAFARI NORTH September 3rd. Weather turned deep fall last night. Has been chilly, then warm, last night dark clouds and winds rolled in. Gers get cold which made a quick wash even quicker this morning and my fleece pants, tights, several shirts, vest, Neset Camping sweatshirt and wool headband the best things I brought or acquired along the way. Even that last fly I couldn’t annihilate last night is moving very slowly…. Read More

It is September 11th…I had forgotten the significance to the U.S. until waking up after a nap in my sweet little hotel in Seoul, South Korea to CNN coverage. I suppose we could remember all of the time in the form of ISIS/ISIL which was born out of our response to 9/11—the breaking of Iraq. But for now let me go back to Mongolia and the horses. WHEN I WAS A KID…PLACES THAT WEREN’T… Read More

This was written September 1st, now it is the 5th, 1:10pm and I am on the train to Beijing. Meanwhile I want to finish all notes, thoughts about Mongolia and have them ready to post from my Chinese hotel…all out of my system for better—and worse.  ANYWAY HERE’S TO FIRST IMPRESSIONS.   MONGOLIA IS MONGOLIA The evil genii of bad trips can appear at any time. You must be quick to banish him… Read More

Two weeks to get in shape for The Journey. I may have set six month, three month, one month deadlines for launching a plan to become super-healthy before I travel. Okay, so they didn’t work out. Think what I can do in two weeks however. Fourteen days. Six visits to gym for abs class and at least half an hour on the machines. Ten morning walks, one to 1 ½ hours each…. Read More

2015 saw the first of the seven BIG trips I intend to take before retiring. It was truly Around the World, designed to set the parameters for all to follow—in other words any place on our fragile planet can be on the list; and yes, the Arctic and Antarctica are there. Here’s the actual mileage: 18,287, shorter than the almost 25,000 it would have been had I exactly followed the equator. All… Read More