Time to come home, food supply running low.


Sunday, September 16, 2018. Just as I prefer my Sundays to be…it’s a grey rainy day and I have too little to do. I should explain. I have been working somewhat diligently on book organizing ever since arriving at Neset Camping on Tuesday. The book that has emerged in bits and pieces over the last years. The book that has potential, people say. That book, which if I do not write it now will never be written…because…well….there’s age and memory and stamina and desire to consider.

One of the reasons for this surplus of time is that I’ve slightly wrecked one leg. It’s been a little creaky off and on but apparently walking a few kilometers in the cold and rain was an insult too far. So here I am alone in a comfortably rustic cabin in the rain—unable to go for a long walk up the mountain…oh darn. Today’s agenda, keep on organizing and reviewing and non-serious editing for the Book, with time out for what will be one of my last posts while physically on this trip, and some time for streaming Midnight Sun (Swedish, a little confusing but I recommend for geographic/travel adventure in the far north of the country, lots of death and destruction, and several outstanding actors).

Oh yeah…there’s also selecting which of the thousands of mushroom, grass, water, duck, butter, historic house/new friend photos to include when I publish these Neset  posts.

Day breaks, cloudy and drizzle. YES!

For breakfast I’m preparing eggs, Norwegian cheese and diced green chili (mild of course), cooked in a whole lot of Byglandsfjord butter; It’s Santa Maria Green Chili from Peru. Yum, just like Old El Paso. Soon 11am and still raining. If I were one of those hoping and praying people, I would make it all about the right to rainy Sundays, which is just about as possible to achieve in New Mexico as world peas and an end to gun violence. Maybe if I just flat out demand…Like goddamn it god, just for one Sunday a month could I have an all-day of rain. That’s my pluviophile personality speaking. Obviously if I hadn’t developed some New Mexican traits I wouldn’t have searched the Kristiansand grocers for green chili.

I’m making book progress. It’s nice, lots of breaks of course but then I have a whole day…and since this is a thinking-it-through/new and better ideas/contemplating-my-navel stage, breaks are good. I pace, pack something, wash a dish…and a productive thought presents itself for my consideration. I jot it quickly down with the purple-ink pen I brought along for just this kind of work.

Monday morning at Neset but still late evening in New Mexico. Just to finish the rain obsessing…all day it rained. A steady healing peaceful rain, not much wind, not too cold, just thick water making that softish drumming on the porch. Done!

It’s time to come home…I’m waking early, worrying about money and work and apartment decisions and the marathon which I stupidly signed up for—two t-shirts this year, who could resist? It’s not like I signed up to run, just a 10K walk. I know the rest of my body will probably cooperate but my left leg feels bothered, annoyed, sporadically painful. I’ll check it all out at the gym where, if I collapse—since it’s Pres Healthplex—they can do something, although that’s not my insurance carrier so maybe they won’t?

The real purpose of making this post was to post a whole lot of random photos of life around Neset Camping. First let me just step outside and check out dawn breaking over Byglandsfjord. Click click click.

Here’s more of yesterday…rainy yesterday. Bunnies, duckies and mushrooms to follow.


  1. Rain? oh yes, we have had plenty of that this summer in Delaware and more to come from the bits and pieces of Florence. October rain can be cold, especially at the end of the month, hinting at the very cold rains to come in November, which become perhaps snow in December, snow in January, perhaps sleet in February. We have plenty of dark and gloomy days…just finished a week of it! Drives me crazy after two days, you wold love it. You are just finishing you vacation….I am having a week of it now…and how I wish I was on the train to the Land of Enchantment, blue skies…and yes…lots of sunshine.

  2. It looks quite comfortable at your Neset cabin. Chuckles from reading your approach to the photo collection. Don’t rainy days bring snowy days there? Better go home old woman!

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