Chapter Two Scars are Cowboy Tattoos with Better Stories It’s Friday, September 1st now. Minnesota. Leaves one more degree golden this morning. Heavy rain this evening. Am I happy? Well YES. I drove through Wyoming last Sunday. Not sure I’ll do that again since I still have so many other places to see…maybe I will though because I cannot bear to say ‘never again’ to some places. I’ve already written about my… Read More

Five new books arrived on my doorstep yesterday, two on Utah, two from Wyoming, and one, a new novel about India. Even though my road trip begins in New Mexico and eventually travels through a corner of Nebraska, much of South Dakota and up to northwest Minnesota, the states I’m most excited about traversing are Utah and Wyoming. Utah because I’ve only been in and out of Salt Lake City and Wyoming… Read More

I was writing this on the last days in Mongolia. At the time I was somewhat stressed by an unfortunate disconnect with my guide which slightly colored the time in this incredible land. It was a bit of a love-hate relationship there for awhile. Now with that adventure less than a week past I’m already looking at my time in Mongolia as very special. So given this delay in posting I have… Read More