Minnesota…to Vietnam

Minnesota is fading quickly into the background as I immerse myself in preparing for Asia. Oh yeah and then there’s also work—long hours because of evenings managing the theatre for renters; preparing my apartment for a stay by the bro and Marsha while they search for their Albuquerque winter apartment, and the minutia of daily life such as putting gas in the car and doing the laundry and watering the plants—the boring stuff.

Really though, my time is being consumed by something far more meaningful than all of that. Ken Burns’ The Vietnam War is available for streaming in its 18-hour entirety on PBS. I’m through the third episode and find myself alternating between wanting to weep; wanting to rid the world of all politicians, and simply giving up on the idea of humanity altogether. Those years were my formative years in so many ways—all the major stuff of my life happened with Vietnam and Dylan and JFK/Johnson/Nixon/ McGovern as soundtrack and wallpaper.

But for now it’s a Road Trip Wrap. We leave home in Minnesota by way of Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahome, and Texas for the Land of Sometimes-Enchantment.

Heading down the road to Albuquerque…for ‘beans and jerky’?

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  1. Nice ending….especially since it began and ended in New Mexico. As you know I was just there…there are no enchiladas left in the state, or huevos rancheros, or barritos, or pinto beans or flan…all gone and yum. I had such a great time, and am so sorry to have missed you, but the 6 days in Santa Fe were beyond the best. My soul is recharged…not sure how long that will last…I have so enjoyed your posts…good to go home…very good.

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