Granddaughters are the Best. (Well, Grandsons too but I only have one and he’s in California.) Eleven days between today and The Trip. Between Last Sunday and That Sunday (August 2nd) there were 10 morning walks and six trips to the gym to get in my version of ‘shape.’  Today there are only 13 of the 16 required activity events to go.  Here’s Monday morning’s 5:30am walk with PATRICA, the granddaughter who accompanies me… Read More

Ducks. Another shootout, this time a military base.  God bless america. Hearts are broken. Yeah, right. If hearts were broken guns would be less available. Hear the clink of coin…not heart…coin. Never mind. Time and Place is about Travel. Age. Mostly. How about walks in the morning and computer f-ups and my f-ups? Here are some pics. What a lovely morning it was. No thoughts of time or place. I think two… Read More

Night rains makes every sight more vivid, sound carry farther and even the bosque rabbit comes out.

The Time is July 5th, 2015, still morning. My Place is Albuquerque, New Mexico. Just a little while ago it was dawn down by the Rio Grande. Quiet. Absolutely quiet. Only saw two people and one rabbit and heard a few sleepy birds. Soon the sun came to bother me but it was still a little cool and smelled of green, unusual for New Mexico. So for awhile I ignored thoughts of the… Read More