The laziest of days. How many naps is it possible to take in one day? Ships are the best, especially in rough seas. This trip continues to delight and sooth…here’s a disjointed bit of unimportant babble…enjoy the photos! Thursday, /August 23rd/Fourteenth day of travel. 12:50pm: And the tiniest of blips in my perfect life-on-the-road. Nothing is wrong; I’m on the MS Finnmarken in a luxurious (by my standards) cabin; I’ve grazed the… Read More

PART 1: Planted in the Brain A landscape opened up before me. I felt as if I were standing on the top of a mountain, gazing out over a plain, covered by long, meandering rivers. On the horizon, more mountains rose up, between them there were valleys and one of the valleys was covered by an enormous white glacier. Everything gleamed and glittered. It was as if I had been transported to… Read More

SO REMEMBER TO READ CHAPTER ONE FIRST. SIBERIAN TRAIN. DAY TWO: AUGUST 29, 2015  4:50 Am. Feel wonderful. Alert. Happy. Well. Slept from about 9pm—soundly. Moving with the sway, swaying with the moves, train whistle white noise since this car is far from the front. Riding the train is an apt expression; my body is learning to move with the train, like horseback riding. This Siberian train has its own gait. It’s… Read More

Only 15 hours from home if you go from Albuquerque by way of Minneapolis and Amsterdam. I love it here—all green (I admit to an abnormal ‘green’ fixation) and quiet and not-grand but beautifully ordinary. My hotel is right on a huge lush park so perhaps I can find some ducks of which to take pics of tomorrow. The trip here was totally uneventful but nevertheless degrading the way airline travel has become…. Read More

Rain has re-entered my life. First the unusual cloudy days, many including at least a few raindrops, before I left New Mexico for Minnesota a week ago. Since then more days than not with fairly steady rainfall. I imagined under these conditions I would be paying serious attention to writing both in my blogs and in massive note taking for everything I want to say about ‘time and place’ prior to and… Read More

Octopus Bloody Mary or as it’s known on the menu: One-armed Mary. NOTE: I could remove this post before my new Blog-Book is published because I Did Not Do What I Said I Was Going to Do. But it was a worthy plan so so the post gets to stay. More classes and ideas have followed and a different book is in the works for 2017. Better too many good ideas than none. (December… Read More