THE GEOGRAPHER: Greenland means something quite special in my life. I’ve already written about the place and the literature and its significance to me but I must include just a few more thoughts before I move on. With only a month’s hindsight, the glorious scenery of Greenland and my ‘walking accomplishments’ are still present and accumulating the sheen reserved for Big Special Trips. If I were in a cartoon the two thinking-bubbles… Read More

I took this extra day off to deal with re-entry into the real life of Albuquerque and a dusty apartment and a job and the sun. I am trying…or will be right after a nap. Teresa flew on to San Diego early this am and I’m gazing at the shambles of open suitcases, spent water bottles, and accumulated mail. Teresa and I returned last night from four weeks of perfect travel time—almost… Read More

SOMETIMES IT’S ALL GOOD: As Greenland becomes ever less present—as all good adventures must—an overview to acknowledge how perfectly it all came together seems in order. I will give myself some small credit for setting the whole plan in motion but after that all praise goes to Teresa and Celia for being the best travel companions for which one could ever hope AND to the travel companies that made it all happen. THE… Read More

Way back on our first full day in Greenland we went for a 7K walk to the kayaking bay. It was sunny and rocky and green and sheep-friendly. Our informative, skillful and funny guide Norah led us along at what I think of as a briskly-moderate pace. Life was good…until we reached the valley of the jumping rocks. From which Celia and I emerged ever so slightly the worse for wear. As… Read More

One cold dark evening in what is already seeming like a long-ago and far-away place. More Icebergs and the spot where southern Greenland’s most active glacier pours into the sea.

Those Vikings were everywhere… Right now it is a cloudy day in a cozy log cabin in Neset, Norway. Teresa is hiking the mountain and I’m gazing at the lake called Byglandsfiord. I want to post the rest of my Greenland albums while here at Neset Camping…so I can move on to talk about my very own Norwegian cousins and the North Country in general and end up in swinging London—or is… Read More

Greenland will be in my heart and mind and posts for days to come so enjoy…

There are many people and actions and events in my life for which I am grateful; I have mostly tried to be a decent human being and I have been very fortunate in family, friends, jobs and health. That being said…there are also a handful of personal achievements that I take most (although certainly not all) of the credit for dreaming up and making happen. TREKKING IN GREENLAND is one of those…. Read More

Morning: Weather request answered: chill, gray, rain all day it says. Rain clothes today in Copenhagen—that jolly old girl by the sea—and the sea is where we’ll go today I think. Although it’s only 6am so who can tell if our art and history explorations out on the ‘Danish Riveria’ will be this appealing by 9am when we must train out into the countryside. The idea is that we’ll view the work of… Read More