Being Norwegian in MINNESOTA is Easy


Rain has re-entered my life. First the unusual cloudy days, many including at least a few raindrops, before I left New Mexico for Minnesota a week ago. Since then more days than not with fairly steady rainfall. I imagined under these conditions I would be paying serious attention to writing both in my blogs and in massive note taking for everything I want to say about ‘time and place’ prior to and during the Big15Trip.

I’ve been begging, longing, crying, hoping, damn-close-to-praying for rain to inspire me. It’s here. I’m not inspired. Lazy. Accomplishing nothing. A week’s vacation. Okay, I can justify that but as of tomorrow morning it is time to move on. Think. Create. And so forth.

Actually I have accomplished something. The Village Bookstore in Grand Rapids is excellent—as good a small town bookstore as I’ve seen anywhere. It is especially on top of Scandinavian crime fiction so naturally I would be a fan. Marsha and I made our first shopping foray to downtown GR yesterday and I managed to stop by the bookstore for a quick look about and emerged with a few new ‘Nordic noirs’ in hand. I also picked up Book Four of Karl Ove Knausgaard’s My Struggle.

Seriously, Knausgaard is as brilliant as the critics claim. “Not since James Joyce, has anyone written something this important…” a reviewer says. Since I’ve never been able to read Joyce beyond some required college excerpts I cannot attest to that—but I can tell you Knausgaard is most readable and original and addictive. Preparing me for my weeks coming up in Norway.

In fact in a little while we are practicing a time honored Scandinavian tradition. Company is coming over for cake and coffee. Trust me when I say it doesn’t get any more Norwegian than that.

Forest Goddesses.

Forest Goddesses.

One of those Nordic nights when the killer prowls the forest and the trusty detective scans the horizon for clues to who did it...

One of those Nordic nights when the killer prowls the forest and the trusty detective scans the horizon for clues to who did it…


2 Comments on “Being Norwegian in MINNESOTA is Easy

  1. Thanks Marj for these toughts about being Norwegian and its literature … for myself, have only barely felt Norwegian many years ago as I first visit Oslo after a long journey by train from Stockholm and again last December when I attended ICE Hot in Oslo, all of this thanks to my passion for dance….which I remembe rkow dates from when I was a teennager , going to Summer camps with my 2 years younger sister Viviane and always choosing the folklore dance workshops to occupy ourselves after breakfast! PS. In Alsace Lorraine this week-end and celebrating Viviane’s 60th birthday as well as Mother’s Day with all the kids around to celebrate our mothers! PS. Traveling from continent to continent has become so easy and streamlined these days, how blessed we should be…it is also a question of each one’s mindset!

  2. Wait a minute…..Forest Goddess? No that is a mermaid…looks like what would have been a prowl of a ship. In any event, surprising looking creature.

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