It is 7pm Tuesday evening, August 11, 2015. I’ve been nine days on the road—a very accommodating easy pleasant nine days…really I should call it nine days of visiting…and it has been among the most enjoyable times of my life. Still…being without my pajama-clad anti-social weekends has made me a little tired. Therefore I declare tomorrow hole-up-in-my-room day with only raisin-bread rolls, yogurt, instant coffee, Surfy my trusty tablet for maximum writing… Read More

Only 15 hours from home if you go from Albuquerque by way of Minneapolis and Amsterdam. I love it here—all green (I admit to an abnormal ‘green’ fixation) and quiet and not-grand but beautifully ordinary. My hotel is right on a huge lush park so perhaps I can find some ducks of which to take pics of tomorrow. The trip here was totally uneventful but nevertheless degrading the way airline travel has become…. Read More