I’m angry that I must wear a mask because so many people in this country are cultists of the most benighted sort; swilling down the anti-vax Kool-Aid. To make myself feel better, here’s a rant and a book recommendation. Don’t know about you, but my impending sense of doom is impending again. There have been the months here and there when it seemed that my ‘three horsemen of the apocalypse’ had unsaddled,… Read More

Banal: So lacking in originality as to be obvious and boring.  I am two thirds of the way through Mary Trump’s book, Too Much and Never Enough. I expected some outsize characters, some outsize actions…after all this is the family that created our monstrous joke of president. No such characters emerge…All I keep hearing in my head is Hannah Arendt’s statement: “Evil comes from a failure to think. It defies thought for… Read More

At the end of each year, the blog posts thereof become a book. I suppose it is a way of being a ‘published author’ (in case I never finish the-book-I-am-presently-writing). Blogging has also become one of my many forms of journaling and the resulting books are mainly old fashioned paper products for my grandchildren to peruse in years ahead—exclaiming over the fact I was not always the crone in a corner at… Read More

9-26 (By the way…Now, an even later ‘now,’ we are all healthy happy and in Istanbul where I’m trying to take a nap and we just had a tremor…only good for a small room shaking. I’m starting the catch up blogging plan NOW… 9-23 KAZAKHSTAN: An earlier Now. However…Now is now…but here are some early morning musings from yesterday. It might be about 5am Tuesday morning the 24th. Surprisingly hard to keep… Read More

Our world is taking on a bright golden hue…our natural world, not the human or political one unfortunately. Fall is beautiful in temperate zones and we snap and post endless photos of the gold and the red and the glory of it all, and repeat the process year after year. Here is my annual contribution to the too-muchness of autumn photography.   It was quite a week, starting with last Sunday’s marathon,… Read More

From Trondheim, Norway on the coast to Funasdalen, Sweden and around the Funasdalen area—the route my Swedish ancestors probably took to leave for the U.S. The route I took Sunday to meet the ones that stayed. Cousin photos will be in the next post.  PLACES: This Nordic trip was planned for new adventures to dominate August and unrushed time with familiar Norwegian family and places to fill the September weeks.  The August… Read More

The very notion of travel obsesses me. The literature of travel fills my bookshelves; the work of travel alternately stimulates and exhausts me; the cost of travel keeps me on a paycheck to paycheck budget. I’ve had other passions: books, dance, school, but travel has subsumed them all and, actually, owes a large debt to each of them (without books how would I know where I wanted to go and what was… Read More

Five new books arrived on my doorstep yesterday, two on Utah, two from Wyoming, and one, a new novel about India. Even though my road trip begins in New Mexico and eventually travels through a corner of Nebraska, much of South Dakota and up to northwest Minnesota, the states I’m most excited about traversing are Utah and Wyoming. Utah because I’ve only been in and out of Salt Lake City and Wyoming… Read More

I am wrapping up seven years of my first and favorite blog, Time and Place, with a few California posts and a year’s end review and this announcement. All seven years of the words and photos, excitement and complaining, pontificating and chatting about travel are being captured in four travel journal/coffee table BOOKS. The first book, Time and Place 2010, is published and here next to me as we speak. It is… Read More

THE STICKER ON THE SIDE OF THE CHEST WAS PUT THERE DURING IRAQ WAR DAYS WHEN I LIVED IN SAN FRANCISCO. It was 60° in Narsarsuaq, Greenland today, our home away from home for almost a week starting July 7th. And it was sunny. Which is not what I want to hear—I am longing for a modest amount of weather drama. But I cannot hope for clouds because they would surely block… Read More