So I tried to write a long stream-of-consciousness poem-like thing. I did not work. I am not Ron Silliman or probably James Joyce either. Although I feel sure if I rewrote DELTA a few more tens of times it could get close. It seems like sacrificing a week of my vaca to do that would not be wise use of my time. However I’ve decided to post it anyway because it does pretty… Read More

Only 15 hours from home if you go from Albuquerque by way of Minneapolis and Amsterdam. I love it here—all green (I admit to an abnormal ‘green’ fixation) and quiet and not-grand but beautifully ordinary. My hotel is right on a huge lush park so perhaps I can find some ducks of which to take pics of tomorrow. The trip here was totally uneventful but nevertheless degrading the way airline travel has become…. Read More