Twenty or thirty years from now, when I’m napping in the nursing home or puttering in the poorhouse (depending on where the Republicans have taken us by then), I want my family and friends to remember that I once did something besides sit in front of the TV shouting obscenities at piggy politicians of the fascist persuasion and drooling into my cream of wheat. I want to prove I once rode elephants… Read More

Last Welly morning. Impossible not to love this place, this pretty modest sensible calm safe place. Last night Teresa, her friends Bridgett and Safia, and I had the most delicious of dinners at a downtown restaurant called Charley Noble’s. Nice when every item ordered is exactly as tasty as desired, fish so fresh with crust all fatty, crispy and salty; peas straight from the garden, bacon, cream and shaved something enhanced; a… Read More

It is dark dawn at this moment in Wellington and here in what back-in-the-day would have been called a ‘boarding house’ most people are still asleep—only one young Italian woman busily tapping away at her lap top in the kitchen, and me tiptoeing around with a flashlight so I won’t wake Teresa I realize this is one of the things I actually like best about travel—the scoping out of and adaptation to… Read More

Just hanging out at home. Back to blogging. Some reading. Nap coming up. It is 8 pm, Monday, Oct. 23rd in New Mexico; 3 pm, Tuesday, Oct. 24th in New Zealand. A world of miles and attitudes apart. It feels very April-like today. Chilly sun. But big bright flowers and a lush maritime green. According to an organization called SafeAround, I’m in the 5th safest country in the world. The US is… Read More

Where to begin. Here in cloudy damp cool (it is, after all, spring here) Wellington, New Zealand…life is very good. Teresa is mostly off today, just a bit of morning work and I am determined to break my long blogging-block spell. We’ve just had a lovely breakfast of baguette, olive oil, coconut yogurt, kiwi and dark hot coffee. T. shares a house with four roommates from Italy, Spain, and Japan—an old cold… Read More