Teresa and Patricia turn 16 in PARIS

(This set of posts comprise an addendum for Time and Place 2015-16, accounting for previous travels and events.) 

My grandchildren have already guessed that grandma is not leaving them a huge fortune or even a tiny fortune, just a lot of books, the 100 year old couch and travel memories. ‘Oh well,’ they say, ‘a fortune would have come in handy but we love you anyway Gma.’ At least I’m remembering that’s what they say. I have however managed to expose them to the dreaded travel bug. In a couple of cases I’m afraid they’ve been infected. It started with Teresa, first to Barcelona and Madrid and, for high school graduation, Paris in about 2006. Then Patricia, also a high school-related trip to Paris in 2009. In Patricia’s case, her mom and Aunt Marsha came along too. I put this rather lengthy photo album together to remember how much fun it was…in spite of the fact that teenagers do ‘sullen’ better than anyone don’t they? However, most of the time they seemed quite pleased with the whole adventure.

Everyone loves Versailles.

The girls just wanted to study study study. Not.






We ended both Parisian adventures by taking the train up to Amsterdam for two or three days.





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