(This set of posts comprise an addendum for Time and Place 2015-16, accounting for previous travels and events.)  My grandchildren have already guessed that grandma is not leaving them a huge fortune or even a tiny fortune, just a lot of books, the 100 year old couch and travel memories. ‘Oh well,’ they say, ‘a fortune would have come in handy but we love you anyway Gma.’ At least I’m remembering that’s what… Read More

“Je suis Charlie.” I am angry today. Because a bunch of irreverent journalists were murdered, because the attacks on the Jewish people never never end, because France as a bastion of secularism is under attack, because we’re all under attack—aided by yet one more book written by a bunch of men in the distant past telling women what to do and what to wear. The images of Islam coming out of Paris… Read More

I wrote this a month ago on my birthday. Have been trying to fix it ever since. I give up. Here it is. My first attempt to deal with all of those long-ago notes. Today’s my birthday. I’ve daringly posted my real age on facebook so we don’t have to go into that here. How this relates to travel since this is a travel blog? The new passport that would allow me… Read More