…and sorry, the serious travel blogging won’t start until the next post. This one’s all about me and September’s bout of angst…travel angst in this case. I promise next post there will be photos of plov. Tuesday morning. Practically packed. New city walking shoes (Tashkent), big warm sweatshirt coat-like thing (plane), books (everywhere). Flight to Istanbul leaves this evening from LAX, change planes with a few hours layover, then on to Tashkent…. Read More

There are many people and actions and events in my life for which I am grateful; I have mostly tried to be a decent human being and I have been very fortunate in family, friends, jobs and health. That being said…there are also a handful of personal achievements that I take most (although certainly not all) of the credit for dreaming up and making happen. TREKKING IN GREENLAND is one of those…. Read More

The Day Before. Sounds like a murder mystery, yes? No. I’ve learned to treasure at least 24 hours of time before a Big Trip when all preparations are DONE. Of course there are always final musts—throw out the last of the milk and any veggies hiding in that obscure tray at the bottom of the frig, charge the phone, check for passport and cash card in your billfold—that stuff. The real reason… Read More

The age of travel. Age and Travel. Travel while aging. Travel through time and place. Aging in place through time. Time and again. Traveling again. Aging still. Well anyway this blog is about travel and age. It seemed to make sense to put the two topics together because if there are to be two posts a week I can’t fill them all with travel—at least not while employed at a modest salary…. Read More

Part 1: Peripherality   I am of an age…as I may have mentioned before. Let’s continue calling it ‘middle-old’ age. Mid-old. Actually the last couple of years have been a passage into this mid-old place and, now, at the tail end of the passage, it is time to create the happy-list that will make this phase of life ever so cheerful, joyful, ‘golden,’ rewarding…yeah, right. First come to terms with whom and where… Read More

If I am in the middle of a passage from one age to the next, the question is how to pass through it gracefully. And what’s on the other side. I have created my own age categories and this year I traveled from young-old (65-75) to middle-old (75-85) with old-old (85-death) far far in the future. If one has many years to work, many countries to travel, many blogs to occupy (and… Read More

This blog has a new category that will receive more than its share of posts. It is called Coming of Age. Yeah yeah, I know. That phrase has always been used to describe the transition to adulthood—you know— debutante balls, legal drinking, voting, moving away from home…all that. Coming of AN Age can describe the other end of the life spectrum as well.  Line dancing at the senior center; drinking more than one… Read More

I LOVED CAPE TOWN…BACK IN 2010 AND  IN 2014. Made it safely out of Hippo and Elephant land. And what an adventure it was. Well, actually the hippos didn’t charge and the elephants didn’t try to stomp on our heads and the chef (a cook from Old Bridge Backpackers—but it made us feel more like the big safari dudes to call him a chef) did produce a tasty tuna salad and some… Read More

Not To Be Considered a Depressing Post but it might be more interesting if you are in a ‘stage’ of life where age is rearing its annoying head. And it is about travel…eventually. I worked in nursing homes as a resident advocate and as a social worker before returning to Albuquerque in 2000. In the Masters program at Augsburg College in Minneapolis and San Diego State University I partially focused on issues… Read More