“Ancestry” has been referenced in many of my posts. Here’s the quick and simple version of exactly what it is and how I’m using it to add both breadth and depth to my summer trip to Norway. Ancestry.com is a website that connects us with our extended—multiple generations extended —families. This is how it works for me. I first joined in order to access their family tree maker and start the process… Read More

SOMETIMES IT’S ALL GOOD: As Greenland becomes ever less present—as all good adventures must—an overview to acknowledge how perfectly it all came together seems in order. I will give myself some small credit for setting the whole plan in motion but after that all praise goes to Teresa and Celia for being the best travel companions for which one could ever hope AND to the travel companies that made it all happen. THE… Read More

Those Vikings were everywhere… Right now it is a cloudy day in a cozy log cabin in Neset, Norway. Teresa is hiking the mountain and I’m gazing at the lake called Byglandsfiord. I want to post the rest of my Greenland albums while here at Neset Camping…so I can move on to talk about my very own Norwegian cousins and the North Country in general and end up in swinging London—or is… Read More

United States history and geography are all about journeys. From the first Asians across Beringia, the land bridge between Asia and North America, to those pious Pilgrims, to yesterday’s Mexican or El Salvadoran child, we came and are still coming down a long hard road. Every regional history has these tales to tell, but our U.S. immigrant history is so present, so relatively contemporary, making the journeys easier to imagine and to research…. Read More