On our summer vacation, Celia, Sara and I were scheduled to be in Kruger National Park in South Africa yesterday. At least we were in Plan A. I think that had changed to Lilongwe, Malawi in Plan B. However, as you all know the world has reverted to Plan X…so instead I went to MVD NOW to renew my driver’s license.

Even though Hillary Clinton lost the war (although winning the battle), I still admire her extensive travels as Secretary of State—and not one trip to a golf course, which is more than any of our golfing presidents can say. What is it about boys and their little balls? I read somewhere that Hillary had traveled to 120 countries in her life. I vowed to top that because then I would have traveled… Read More

(This set of posts comprise an addendum for Time and Place 2015-16, accounting for previous travels and events.)  Nigeria is too big and important and rich and poor and diverse and brilliant and crazy to say much of anything in a few paragraphs. I visited for only a few days in 2012 and you know immediately it’s one of those countries like South Africa, Russia, Brazil or the U.S. that’s just too… Read More

This set of posts comprise an addendum for Time and Place 2015-16, accounting for previous travels and events.  In all of my travels to 100 countries I’ve only been seriously ill twice, neither time life-threatening fortunately. A few years ago after a dance festival in Cape Town I climbed aboard a very big bus and headed for Windhoek, Namibia, almost 1,500 kilometers away. It was a great ride in a comfortable conveyance… Read More

How could nice regular guys from Denmark and Togo relate their tales of Arctic adventure without a hint, at the very least, of braggadocio coloring the pictures? They couldn’t. So throw in quite a bit of booze, even more sex, lots of skinning and dismembering and eating of dried seal intestines and frozen blubber. And then there are grueling dog sled journeys; the constant danger of death, dismemberment, and being frozen solid…. Read More

The moments after the moments Hotel El Farouk  Crankiness is a basic travel mood as anyone who has ever read Paul Theroux knows. Ah yes, there is that first euphoria of discovering the fabled River Niger flows by your window and the smells and sounds of an African city are just outside your door. (That would mainly be exhaust and honking horns but who’s counting except for these bad mood moments).  Remember… Read More