On our summer vacation, Celia, Sara and I were scheduled to be in Kruger National Park in South Africa yesterday. At least we were in Plan A. I think that had changed to Lilongwe, Malawi in Plan B. However, as you all know the world has reverted to Plan X…so instead I went to MVD NOW to renew my driver’s license. I took some pictures for you.

A word of praise for MVD NOW…So it’s not Kruger National Park with leopards, lions buffalo, elephants and rhinoceros. But the staff are friendly and efficient and it’s only a small fee to avoid real Motor Vehicles Department. AND THEY HAVE interesting machines things out front, a battered old truck or two in the lot, and an especially scenic corner of the city with Ghost right there, waiting to take me back home after my day’s outing. It is all good.

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