Remember that first passage of time when you loved another human being? How mentally and physically consuming it was? Those emotions and feelings aren’t so very different from any of our other passions are they? A passion for gardening or cycling or politics or, in my case, travel also contains that desire and/or tendency to consume and be consumed by…. However, unfortunately or fortunately, many passions cool over time including our ‘consuming’… Read More

Morning: I took the MS Nordnorge from Trondheim to Bergen; I spent a not very satisfying day in Bergen being a tourist (not a traveler—and there is a big difference in my mind). Now it’s the morning of September 1st and the second phase of this trip begins. In about two hours I will take a taxi to the central bus station and a big fast comfortable bus to Stavanger where I… Read More

This set of posts comprise an addendum for Time and Place 2015-16, accounting for previous travels and events.  In all of my travels to 100 countries I’ve only been seriously ill twice, neither time life-threatening fortunately. A few years ago after a dance festival in Cape Town I climbed aboard a very big bus and headed for Windhoek, Namibia, almost 1,500 kilometers away. It was a great ride in a comfortable conveyance… Read More