And therefore I must have a birthday. This is a hard one…so I’ve stopped writing book or blog. Stopped thinking generally. I’ve just been Marie Kondo-ing my past. This compulsion to ‘tidy up’ closets, bookshelves, desks, drawers, bins, and cupboards; to rid my life of what doesn’t ‘spark joy,’ elicit a tear, of that which no son or grandchild will want, is powerful. It has become very nearly an obsession and I’m… Read More

Even though Hillary Clinton lost the war (although winning the battle), I still admire her extensive travels as Secretary of State—and not one trip to a golf course, which is more than any of our golfing presidents can say. What is it about boys and their little balls? I read somewhere that Hillary had traveled to 120 countries in her life. I vowed to top that because then I would have traveled… Read More