Wish I had an atlas with me. A big paper world atlas. One whose pages I could write on—latitudes and longitudes; countries left to visit on the African continent; degrees from here to there. It is 9614 miles to Albuquerque from Johannesburg. Crazy cawing flocks of birds are flying overhead. It’s spring, where are they coming from, going to? Are they crows? I am still feeling discombobulated about being here. Thought it… Read More

Third day.  So let me tell you about Hafiz’s desert and Xhosa initiation ceremonies and the full moon over Soweto. It is actually Tuesday but this a Sunday tale. Today must suffice as my weekend for the next two weeks—no more days off, and festivals and traveling are exhausting ventures both. Besides we have presented two of the artists performing this afternoon at N4th already so I am only missing two new… Read More