Steven’s the younger brother, the baby of our family. He just had a birthday, one of the many that are turning him into an aging baby…still the youngest though, and you know how they are…the babies/little brothers/littlest kids…really cute but spoiled, right?  And sometimes you wonder if they’ll ever grow out of a certain amount of coyness…


Steve, I didn’t want to bring this up on your birthday but… about that toilet training issue….. You always approached it rather oddly and now seems like the time to share your unusual approach to life with the world.

And finally, as your mother I want you to know I appreciate your somewhat dubious form of playfulness.

But in Botswana there is always the danger of being eaten by a large skeletal head.

Happy seriously belated birthday…youse is a good kid…and I’m very proud of you…in spite of all those idiosyncrasies mentioned above.

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