8/29/Wednesday morning. On the road (sea actually) again. I set the alarm for 5am so I would have more than enough time to putter, shower, last bit of packing (hard work with all of those #$@%^&*#$ souvenirs to squash/push/crush down. I was tired…stayed up a little late watching “Retribution” on Netflix. Then some more chapters of the Dylan bio—with which I’m quite bored, almost two-thirds of the way through the book and… Read More

From Trondheim, Norway on the coast to Funasdalen, Sweden and around the Funasdalen area—the route my Swedish ancestors probably took to leave for the U.S. The route I took Sunday to meet the ones that stayed. Cousin photos will be in the next post.  PLACES: This Nordic trip was planned for new adventures to dominate August and unrushed time with familiar Norwegian family and places to fill the September weeks.  The August… Read More

It’s a foggy Monday morning in a skiing village called Funasdalen in the west central part of Sweden, the region where my maternal grandmother was born and lived her early life before immigrating to South Dakota with her family. But much more about this later this evening when I’m back ‘home’ in Trondheim and have time to process the joy of becoming acquainted with new cousins and visiting meaningful family locations. For… Read More