Our world is taking on a bright golden hue…our natural world, not the human or political one unfortunately. Fall is beautiful in temperate zones and we snap and post endless photos of the gold and the red and the glory of it all, and repeat the process year after year. Here is my annual contribution to the too-muchness of autumn photography.


It was quite a week, starting with last Sunday’s marathon, continuing with a dash of personnel drama at work, adding an absolutely smashing Joan Baez concert and winding up nicely with book club, a long walk in the Bosque, and the beginning of turning two of my office walls into a solid mapping of the world. Here are the pictures to prove it.

Book club time and a book lover with her well-worn copy of “Little Woman.”

My first Bosque walk in a long, too-long time. I love it down there in the brush and weeds and trees…every now and then breaking through to the river’s edge.



  1. The beauty of Fall sneaks up on us. We forget how spectacular it can be…and then wham!…there it is in all its splendor. Fall and Joan Baez….sounds very nice to me. I can smell the pinon wood fires….a crisp fall morning…sunshine…blue skies…nothing quite like it anywhere in the world.

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